Fishing Zander in Aneby lake

If you like fishing then you must try fishing in Aneby Lake. Here is pike, zander, perch. And you can even get salmon trout. Early morning and late evening are good fishing times as fish are hungry but on hot afternoons they head deep to stay cool. 

Boat: 150 – 500 SEK, Canoe 2 pers 150 – 500 SEK Max 12 person

Fishing licenses:

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Fishing brochure

Fishing rules

We believe that Catch and Release as naturally and that it is done with respect for the fish.

To promote sustainable use of fisheries, facilitate fish supervision and increase comfort when you visit our fishing waters have fish conservation area decided on certain rules to be followed during the fishery. The following rules apply applicable to fishing in Aneby Sea fishing area: 

• Catch Limit on zander, maximum 2 x pike may be retained per fishing day. 

• Only zander in the length range of 45 – 70 cm may be taken up and retained. Remainder zander should gently be put back in the lake. 

• When trolling, a maximum of two rods per card and personal use If you violate any of the association rules based on an inspection of SEK 1000.