Nature as a training place for everyone

  • With tree logs, stones and your own body as tools do you train both strength and cardio. • Everyone in the group help each other to achieve the group goals, and you reach your own. • It is a joy to train together! When we train together in groups so all start from their own abilities. The instructor guides you in the exercises. • You will learn many exercises that you can use when you practice by yourself or with a friend. • For those who want great workout with a lot of energy getting the using boxercise. • The opposite of our workout is a sweaty gym. • With nature as sports ground you will enjoy fresh air and scenic surroundings.

Once a week we will running around the track with different strength training workouts in nature. We offer a simple, fun, challenging and inspiring way to practice. We customize training so even you who do not usually practice has the opportunity to be with.

Sometimes we practice boxercise and circular training.

Circuit training is a workout that combines both strength (weight training) and condition (pulse exercises). Circuit training is intensive training program that is intense and varied exercises with very short breaks. Join us on any of our activities or book a private workout for yourself, sports club, workplace or group of friends. Welcome to join us and get inspired! Tip: We will put information about start dates on this page, so feel free to save on your favorite then it’s easy to find back.