Sauna bath in Målsånna Svettekörka

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than a steamy sauna.

Sauna in Malsanna camping

Sauna bath in Målsånna camping

Enjoy a sauna bath

 A sauna together is also a way to socialize. For us in the chilly North, the sauna is a great way to get warm after a cold autumn or winter.

Sweating for the health.

A sauna is an ideal way to relax completely, to free the body of toxins and soften the skin. Admittedly, it does not suit everyone, but the beneficial health effects are almost unbeatable.

Here you can with your friends, colleagues or family have a pleasant and relaxing time. You can choose if you want to sauna dry sauna with a temperature of 75º - 90º, or moisture sauna with a temperature of 55º and high humidity (fits most including children).

Cool off with a swim from the jetty down by the lake, no matter what temperature it is in the water. The hot season you want to be longer in the water than in the winter, but the latter is soo great feeling that you just have to experience it. It is also possible to take a cold shower so the blood circulation gets going.

Fee and booking.

Mixed Sauna Fridays

The sauna is open to mixed sauna from 18:30 to 21:30 o'clock Price 50 SEK / person Maximum 8 people at a time.
Notification to Kalle +46 70 3076095 or +46 70 6588881 Erika or book here


Booking for groups.

Reservation of sauna for Maximum 8 people.
You can book only one pass at a time (3 hours)
For booking and prices, please contact us.