Activities for young and old

Activities For the kids

Can highly recommend a couple of hours at Leo’s play center in Jönköping a rainy day.
The kids love it and everyone is guaranteed to be tired afterward.

An activity that fits all

Astrid Lindgren’s World meet you Pippi Longstocking, Emil and Karlsson on the Roof mm.



See how to make candy canes in Gränna.

Skullaryd Moose Park

Come close to a moose - the King of the forest.

11 km from Målsånna

Come close to a moose


The so-called everyman’s right entitles you to enjoy almost complete access to the natural environment. This is a place where you can explore and relax in the true meaning of the words.For you whose want out in the forest there is walking tour and motions tour, people use those in wintertime for ski. Go for a walk into Memory track. It is a inspiration for you who wish recover and retain balance of life. Memory track is ca. 2 km and contain signboards with intellectual experiment. It free to get a mental acumen. We have a very big forest full of berries, and you can pick blueberry and red whortleberry.

Nature as a sports place

We offer a simple, fun, challenging and inspiring way to practice. We customize training so even you who do not usually practice has the opportunity to be with.

Experience the Aneby Lake


Here you can rent a boat and enjoy the relaxation of sitting and fishing our nice perch. For those who like larger fish, you have this opportunity to catch big pike or any of our fine walleye. Read more


With a canoe you can paddle between Aneby Sea and Flisby Sea. This is a very nice tour where you can see many birds, deer and moose drinking water in the river. Read more


At 343 meter above sea level you have a 70 kilometer view, when the sky is clear

Our ambition is that You as a guest will enjoy our cuisine and simultaneously experience the nature and the awesome views from Tabergstoppen.

Wiredaholm Golf

On Wiredaholm is an 18-hole golf course in beautiful, gently undulating forest and parkland. Driving range, short-hole course and a restaurant. Link


Hiking trail

Stalpet – Målsånna trail

The trail is about 16 kilometers long walk on walking and cycling routes in the city center, and mainly on forest roads and major trails.

Map link pdf

Aneby Trail – 85 km hiking trail

Aneby trail is a part of Höglandsleden and extending through the entire Aneby. The trail is about 85 km long. Map link pdf




Ralången about 25 km cycling.

A tour around Ralången offers natural and cultural experiences of varying kinds. The bike tour is about 25 kilometers long.

Map link pdf